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Military & Government Shipping Experts in Salt Lake City

Craters & Freighters has extensive experience with federal, state, and local government entities, military contractors, and all branches of the military, including the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. With a proven track record of high shipping standards, ethics, and responsibility, they’ve come to rely on us for their packaging, crating, and shipping needs.

Every government contract has requirements based on the specification MIL-STD-2073-1. They include the quantity per unit pack, quantity per intermediate pack, preservative material to be applied, preservation method, cleaning and drying procedure, cushioning, wrapping, barrier materials, packing level, outer shipping container, barcoding, and RFID. Moreover, the requirements typically refer to other material specifications.

These essential shipping projects may be demanding, but our specialists are experienced and devoted to a job well-done. Whether your assets are fragile, sensitive, of high value, or oversized, we will manage them with the delicacy necessary to get them to their final destination securely and as quickly as possible.

Fully Compliant Processes

Including decoding, using the correct spec materials, we can ensure compliance with all of these requirements, marking in accordance with all of the relevant specifications and applying them correctly, preserving, packaging, packing.

Military & Government Packaging, Crating & Shipping Services

If you only need outer shipping containers, we can provide spec boxes that meet any military, government, or ASTM specification. This includes ASTM-D6251, ASTM-D6880, ASTM-D6256, and ASTM-D7478. We also provide spec pallets and skids.

  • MIL-Spec packaging
  • ASTM-style crates
  • MIL-Spec-style crates
  • Wooden boxes, slat crates, open crates, hood-style crates
  • MIL-Spec pallets and load bases
  • Domestic and international shipping

Your government packaging and shipping job requires skill, experience, and knowledge, and that’s what our team offers. Using various resources, we can perfectly design a safe, effective shipping scheme that ensures your shipment’s most efficient arrival.

With assets of this nature, don’t rely on just any Salt Lake City shipping company to get the job done. Go with an industry leader. At Craters & Freighters, we go the extra mile to instill confidence throughout the shipping process. Let us prove it.

We’ve Earned the Military’s Trust

Through hard work and ongoing success stories, we have built confidence and trust throughout the military. We are thorough and steadfast, providing our country’s top-level governmental agencies and companies with the shipping services, logistics support, and customer satisfaction they need.

Some of our military clients include:

  • Northrop Grumman
  • ATK Aerospace
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Boing

We’ve spent decades nurturing our relationship with these important corporations. Our team is dedicated to accuracy, accountability, and efficiency, which is why our shipping solutions and our network are relied upon.

We’ve earned the trust of several military and government agencies; we’d like the opportunity to earn yours.

Onsite Custom Engineering

We know the importance of your military and governmental assets. We appreciate that these items are often difficult to move, are complexly sensitive and sophisticated, or need a level of security that other assets don’t.

If you can’t get your asset to us for packaging, we can come to your location and design and build a tailored crate and packaging scheme onsite. We will use the same level of accuracy, high-quality materials, and innovative technology that we use in our warehouse.

We want to make your shipping process as streamlined and safe as possible, and we’ll go above and beyond to make that happen.


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